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Where the Vanzetti belts actually come from?

The producer behind.


The basic Vanzetti label is part of BGM, a company that has been producing trendy collections in top quality – Made in Germany – for more than 30 years. The ready-to-wear label serves customers to whom fashionable attractiveness and quality are equally important. BGM was founded in 1983. Today, it is one of the leading producers of belts and accessories. It is headquartered in Metzingen (Germany).

The company manages to unify values that often seem at odds with each other in the sector. We stand for both trend and tradition, constancy and innovation, sustainability and success, loyalty to our home base and flexibility in the world. Worldwide sales by retailers makes b.belt available in many countries.

The Brand Vanzetti.

Vanzetti belts and accessories prove that top trends and tradition are not mutually exclusive, but perfectly supplementary. The Vanzetti brand therefore relies on high-quality materials and sustainable production Made in Germany.

According to the motto of "Trend meets quality", Vanzetti confidently sets style accents, giving every outfit an unmistakable look. From top trends to timeless classics - everyone can perfect their style here!

It is a brand with a strong personality!

The Philipp Bazlen GmbH in Metzingen is a leading manufacturer in the field of belts and leather accessories.

Our Philosophy & Values

Social and environmental responsibility is important to us. We effectively meet this challenge every day.

Creativity & Innovation

The combination of innovation and creativity goes hand in hand with the production of our collections and is the engine of our company. Recognizing trends early and creating them on time is a daily challenge. Our design team of young and experienced designers works dynamically and with great passion on new trends, inspired by international fashion fairs and trend scouting.


The environment is our greatest treasure. We therefore actively assume our responsibility and invest in the environment to conserve resources, avoid emissions and thus increasingly strengthen the cost effectiveness of our company. This commitment is an important step for us to strengthen and secure the future of the family business and its employees. Our products as well as the materials used in the production are aligned with our ecological principles. We pay attention to an efficient use of our resources.

Flexibility & Reliability

Reliability means that the expectations of our customers are satisfied in every respect. Our flexible production processes and especially designed product lines also guarantee a high degree of flexibility.


With their skills and personal engagement, our employees make a decisive contribution to the economic success of our company. Training our employees of tomorrow is very much our concern. We see training as an investment in the future of our company.


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