Vanzetti Collection Autumn/Winter 2017/2018

Vanzetti belts and accessories are the perfect amendment to each style, no matter if they are extremely fashionable or timeless classy.

As a special innovation, we show next to the different belt models of Vanzetti vegan also more accessories made of extremely durable cork: In the meantime, we offer as well matching small leather goods, bags and wallets. Through innovative processing techniques, the cork material gets a completely fashionable new look.

In addition to this, we are this season very proud that we could introduce an additional sub-brand, which is called myVanzetti: Customisable belts, of which the leather and the buckles could be mixed at your whim and which could quickly be changed on behalf of an intuitive press button system. Either subtle or rocking, chic or casual, here also the motto applies: “Design your own belt”.

In the upcoming season, metallized and shiny surfaces still play a decisive role in our belts- and accessory collection. Metallic leather belts are no longer styled exclusively chic, they are excitingly different especially through laid-back and western-inspired variations. Due to fitted dresses and high-waist-denims, the embellished belts come into their own. Next to the laborious metal fittings, the precious raw materials come to the fore: Fur in different versions, also as a bag and as small leather goods, as well as belts made from rough fullgrain leathers with bright, neon coloured accents.

Next to the feminine styles, there is of course also a various Man-Collection, which covers from business to casual all categories. Besides the classical, bossed and lined belts, we offer as well fashion-highlights in different leather qualities for the trendsetters. Even accessories, which are suitable for business, as a classy laptop bag, made of braided fullgrain leather and a matching purse and credit card map, should not be forgotten.
















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