The emerald, a desirable and timeless gemstone, was the source of inspiration for these models. The focus: the shimmering metallic leather, which picks up and reproduces this tone exactly. The key piece of the collection is the 30 mm wide belt, whose elaborate buckle alludes to the gemstone theme and also perfectly matches the fashionable, blurred batik patterns of the textile industry.


This time, our annual Christmas special draws on the full range: Especially for the festive season, we've found a special coated leather that has a captivating glitter effect with a soft finish. A simple basic model is not to be missed here. The buckles of the other two styles are graphically inspired as a cool contrast, making them the perfect match for tough looks with the latest combat boots.


In the dark season, people go out again more often and festive outfits are not only popular in the evening. The opulent models are inspired by Gothic and Baroque styles. Here, chiselled buckles echo delicate gold-leaf ornaments, golden rivets serve as decorative elements and an arabesque embossing takes you back to distant times.


Among all the embellished themes, our all-time favourite must not be forgotten: Denim still remains the fabric of our dreams. In keeping with this, in an urbaninspired direction, we have designed models that clearly go beyond a classic jeans belt. Chain details and embossing in a concrete look are the focus, complemented by asymmetrical 80s-style buckles.


Everyone is talking about "Viva Magenta" as the Pantone colour of the year. We have already established a wide variety of shades of pink, so we wanted to create our own theme in homage to this trendy colour. Here, the loop is the focus of the models: With interwoven details, rivets and special studs, it forms an eye-catcher of a special kind.


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